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Past Daytime Shows

1776 (a musical) – (Grades: 5th -8th) ~American Eagle Productions~ Musical retelling of the signing of the Declaration of Independence brings characters such as Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, John Hancock, and others connecting history to life. More information about American Eagle Productions can be found at [March 11, 2019]

ABE LINCOLN - (Grades: K–Adult) - Kevin Wood - Mr. Lincoln talks about himself, his education, why our country was divided and how it was reunited. Kevin Wood~  For more information about Kevin Wood a Abe Lincoln visit  [February 21, 2017; February 19, 2019]

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  (Grades K-8) - American Eagle Productions - The story of a fourteen-year-old boy growing up in the heartland of America. This musical version of Mark Twain's novel is set in 1840 in Hannibal, MO, a bustling town on the banks of the Mississippi River. In the course of the story, Tom matches wits with his stern Aunt Polly, falls in love with the beautiful, feisty Becky Thatcher, and goes on the adventure of his life with Joe Harper and Huckleberry Finn . Along the way he meets a terrifying villain named Injun Joe, and a wayward Muff Potter. In the end, Tom learns who to trust and how to become one the noblest characters in literature. [January 28, 2020]

AFRICAN FOLKTALES - (Grades Pre-K - 5th) – Bright Star Touring Theatre - Black History - From the desert lands of the Sahara to the plains of the Serengeti to Mount Kilimanjaro and beyond – join a variety of characters from a wide range of cultures in stories that celebrate the various folk tale traditions of the continent of Africa. African music helps to set the stage for these energetic stories. Our stories include Anansi, porquoi tales and many facts and figures about this incredible continent. [January 13, 2020]

THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF LEWIS&CLARK -  (Grades: K-6th) ~Face to Face Productions ~ Historical travel along the Lewis & Clark Trail illustrated by the musical and comedic talents of Mel Lewis & Wally Clark. [April 17, 2019]

BEN FRANKLIN AND ME– (Grades: K-6th) ~ Face to Face Productions ~ Amos (mouse) relates his involvement with Ben Franklin’s inventions, discoveries and the Declaration of Independence. [January 17, 2018; March 12, 2019]

THE BIG BALLOON SHOW -   (Grades: Pre-K – 5)  - Smarty Pants - Magic, slapstick comedy, and Smarty’s world’s biggest balloon props and creations. [March 8, 2017; April 26, 2018; March 20, 2019]

BUBBLE WONDERS - (ALL AGES) - Geoff Akins - The wonders of bubbles, magic and storytelling rekindle a sense of wonder in life and how persistence and a positive attitude can help make dreams come true.  [April 11, 2017; April 12, 2017; March 20, 2018; April 18, 2019]

BY THE NUMBERS–  (Grades: K-6th)   ~Face to Face Productions~ Mathematical Musical about a 10 year old boy who learns Math’s relevance to all professions. [October 23, 2017; October 17, 2018]

CHARLOTTE’S WEB–    (Grades: K-6th)   ~American Eagle Productions~ A beautiful musical about pig named Wilbur and his friendship with a spider named Charlotte based on  EB White’s book. [October 24, 2017; September 24, 2019]

THE CHRISTMAS THAT ALMOST WASN’T, Dinky the Dancing Reindeer and other stories - (Grades: Pre-K–5)  Child’s Play Touring Theatre - A behind the scenes peek at the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations and disasters at the North Pole.  [December 14, 2016; December 18, 2019]

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK - (Grades 5-8) - American Eagle Productions - Anne’s words heard first hand as this important Holocaust book is brought to life. [February 28, 2017; February 22, 2018]

DR. SEUSS– (all ages) ~ Duffy Hudson~ The familiar stories of Dr. Seuss come to life with Duffy Hudson. [March 1, 2018]

EDISON: THE WIZARD OF MENLO PARK - (Grades: K-6) - Face to Face Productions - Spark(of Inspiration) and Edison embark on an exploration of the inventor’s greatest achievements. [January 20, 2017; November 16, 2018]

THE FABULOUS FABLE FACTORY - (Grades: K – 5) -  American Eagle Productions -  Monroe (12 yr old) helps the fable makers re-create some of Aesop’s most famous fables in a musical adventure. More information about American Eagle Productions can be found at   [April 4, 2017; April 17, 2018; April 23, 2019; February 25, 2020] 

GETTING EXCITED ABOUT SCIENCE - Steve Belliveau - Steve Belliveau delightfully combines his university studies (B.S. Engineering) with his skills as a magician to present a show that captivates students and teachers alike. At last, a science show that everyone can not only see, but understand and enjoy. The aim of Steve's show is to inspire students to get involved in science themselves. Using dramatic demonstration, easy to see equipment, humor, music and audience participation, he brings down to earth basic ideas about air/water pressure, magnetism & electricity, friction, chemistry, simple machines, conservation of energy, sound and color. He has been recognized by professional teaching organizations, the Chicago Tribune and WGN TV as a leader in this field. [November 5, 2019]

GREAT AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL CHALLENGE -  (Grades: K–8) - American Eagle Productions hosted a “Family Feud” type of Presidential game show for students. [October 4, 2016]

HEROES OF THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD– (Grades: 3rd-Adult)  ~ Bright Star Theatre ~ Play featuring Harriet Tubman, Levi Coffin, Henry “Box” Brown, John Parker and more gives an empowering look at the figures behind America’s Underground Railroad and the secret signs along routes to the abolitionist movement. [January 29, 2018; February 6, 2020]

HOLIDAY BALLOON SHOW - (all ages) - Smarty Pants [December 16, 2018]

HONEST ABE: A Character You Can Count On– (Grades: K-6th) ~ Face to Face Productions ~ When villain Crudley Doowrong incites hardships, dilemmas and temptations will Abraham Lincoln’s upstanding character prevail? [February 13, 2018]

 IGOR AND THE MASTERS OF STEM  (Grades Kindergarten - 5th) ~ Bright Star Touring Theatre ~ Now that he has the keys to the lab, Igor has been busy engineering new and exciting inventions. His latest invention time travels ancient and modern day masters of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math! Meet ancient Egyptian engineer, Khufu the Great, mathematician Pythagoras, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Madame Curie and more! [October 21, 2019]

JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH - (Grades: K - 4)  - James and the Giant Peach - Roald Dahl's book brought to life by American Eagle Productions in an exciting musical that teaches the life lessons of loyalty and friendship.  [October 14, 2016; February 12, 2019]

JINGLE BELL EXPRESS -(Grades: Pre-K–Adult) - American Eagle Productions - Fast paced review featuring over 20 favorite holiday songs. Some sing-along included.  [December 20, 2016; December 19, 2017; December 20, 2018]

MECHANICAL MOUSETRAP MACHINE SHOW (Grades PreK - 3rd) - Smarty Pants demonstrates the workings of 5 simple machines and with the help from audience volunteers catches a mouse.  [November 2, 2016; November 9, 2017]

A NUTCRACKER FANTASY -  (Grades: K-adult)  Allegro Ballet of Oswego - Clara and her family host the annual Christmas Eve party for all their friends and family.  Clara's Uncle Drosselmeyer casts a spell over Clara so when she falls asleep she dreams of the most magical place. Candies, chocolate, and coffee characters dance for Clara and treat her like a princess. As Clara awakens, surprised to find herself under the Christmas tree, she realizes it was all a dream but will always remember the magical place she had a chance to see!  [December 9, 2016; December 15, 2017; December 13,  2019]

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LIVE! -(Grades: K – Adult) -Theatrebam Chicago - The Emmy Award winning educational cartoon series helps the nervous school teacher on the first day. [May 11, 2017]

STONE SOUP & OTHER HEARTWARMING TALES (Grades Pre-K - 5th) – Bright Star Touring Theatre - The Holiday season is about more than celebrating traditions and culture with friends and family, it's also about the spirit of giving and learning to share with others no matter our circumstances. Three classic short stories – “Stone Soup,” “The Gift of the Magi,” and “The Drum” – help young audiences learn about what it means to give a gift with an open heart.  [November 13, 2019]

THE TALES OF OLYMPUS - (Grades:3 – 8) - American Eagle Productions - Jason (age 11) meets Zeus and the Olympian family musically recreating their intriguing adventures. [January 26, 2017; January 22, 2018; January 22, 2019 ]

WENDY & DB  – 10:00 am & 1:00 pm (Grades: Pre K–3rd) ~Wendy Morgan~ The Chicago Dynamic Duo, Wendy & DB, perform original works with the Funn Band. Melodic interactive songs to delight all ages encouraging a child’s natural curiosity and imagination with positive lyrics.  More information about Wendy & DB performances at [October 16, 2018]

WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS - (Grades:Pre-K–5) - American Eagle Productions - An original musical based on Shel  Silverstein’s collection of poems. [February 2, 2017; April 10, 2018; May 2, 2019]

WORLD OF POOH– (Grades: PreK-3rd)  ~American Eagle Productions~ The classic stories of A.A. Milne are brought to life in this enchanting musical production. [December 5, 2017; November 13, 2018; November 19, 2019]

THE WRIGHT BROTHERS -  (Grades: K-6) Face to Face Productions - Wilbur and Orville Wright recreate their historic twelve second flight on stage.  [November 18, 2016; November 15, 2017; December 11, 2018]

YES, YOU CAN! - (Grades: K–8)   Educational and motivational program by Lloyd Bachrach including the 5 keys to success.   [September 22, 2016; October 3, 2017]

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