Association to Restore City Hall
Opera House of Sandwich
140 E. Railroad Street
Sandwich, Illinois 60548
Call: (815)786-2555

2019-2020 Sandwich Opera House -ARCH members

The Sandwich Opera House is operated by the Association to Restore City Hall a 501(c)3 organization.  This non-profit organization, was originally founded to raise money and matching grants to restore the building to its former glory. Today the A.R.C.H. board is responsible for overseeing the operations of the auditorium.  Becoming an ARCH member grants you voting rights at the annual meeting in July. Additionally, as a thank you for your support, membership provides a 10% discount on tickets to Sandwich Opera House sponsored events and merchandise, and reduced rates for renting space at the facility. A membership package is only $25.  click the "Become a Member" button to purchase your ARCH membership online.  


Thank you to the following arch members for the 2019-2020 Season:

  • Karen Beers
  • Sabrina Buelens
  • Nicki Butterfield
  • Margaret Carr
  • Rick & Rhonda Crissip
  • Phyllis Davis
  • Diane Dillow
  • Jeff Ellis
  • Walter & Michele Farley
  • Tom Grady
  • Carolyn Grune
  • John Hallaron
  • Kathie Hart
  • Lorraine Imes
  • Karla Johnson
  • Cara Killey
  • Kristin LaPorte
  • Jen Linder
  • Lois Lindstrom
  • Darrell Lohmeier
  • Carol Meyer
  • Jessica Ortega
  • Cathy Owens
  • Bonnie Rankin
  • Sharon Samuel
  • Nancy Schroeder
  • Jill Stargardt
  • Norma Tucker
  • Kathy & John Wagner
  • Mr & Mrs. Paul Walker
  • Jim Weekly
  • Steve & Jane Wolf

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