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Cher (Tribute) - Feb 23

Feb 23 = Cher Tribute – Lisa Irions                                             advance $27 - door $33

-       Lisa Irions returns to the Sandwich Opera House stage. Lisa is a seasoned character actress, and is recognized as one of the world's foremost Cher Impersonators and Cher Tribute Artists, dazzling audiences with her AUDIENCE INTERACTIVE, LIVE VOCAL performances in SPECTACULAR COSTUME REPLICAS from Cher's concert tours. 


-       Lisa has been performing as a Cher impersonator / Cher tribute artist since 2003.

-       She has been filmed as a Cher impersonator for  THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO , the RACHEL RAY SHOW , and  LIFETIME TV.   She was also filmed as a Cher impersonator for a British TV show starring British TV personality, Justin Lee Collins, who commented, "She's so much like the real thing, surely only Cher's mother could tell them apart" .  Articles have been written about her Cher impersonation in the NEW YORK TIMES, MORE MAGAZINE, Washington D.C.'s WILSON QUARTERLY, and Singapore's ELECTRIC NEW PAPER.

-       Lisa is based in Louisiana, and performs across the United States and internationally

-       Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, Lisa is a seasoned character actress and vocalist with over 20 years’ experience in stage, television and radio. She was featured in a Bud Light commercial, did voice-over work for both TV and radio, sang commercial jingles, and taught acting at a modeling and talent agency.

In 2003, she began impersonating Cher on the suggestion of an Elvis impersonator who was impressed with her ability to mimic Cher’s speaking and singing voice. After professional makeup consultations to transform her face into Cher’s, and having custom designed costume replicas made, she used her acting skills and months of studying Cher to perfect her impersonation. She produced a tribute show performing as Cher alongside the Elvis impersonator, and a year later, her career took on a life of its own. She is now widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost Cher impersonators, entertaining audiences for corporate and private events, casinos and municipal auditoriums across the United States and internationally.

She has been filmed as Cher by Lifetime TV, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Rachel Ray Show, and appeared in two British television shows, one of which was with UK television personality and comedian, Justin Collins, who described her Cher performance as, "Apparently ranked #1 in America, she’s so much like the real thing, surely only Cher’s mother could tell them apart."

Moderators of Cher’s Official Website Community chose Lisa exclusively to headline the Cher Expos, performing her tribute show for Cher’s biggest fans to raise funds for Cher’s charities. She also was honored in 2006 by the Las Vegas based Entertainment Network for producing a fund raiser show on behalf of the Entertainment Network for Hurricane Katrina relief in her native Louisiana. 

-       Lisa has been interviewed by The New York Times and Singapore’s Electric New Paper, among other newspapers throughout America, and a featured article was written about her in the Washington D.C. magazine, Wilson Quarterly. She was also photographed and featured in the book Fame Us by Canadian photographer, Brian Howell, and in the book Copycats 2 by the late Bea Fogelman, featuring the world’s leading impersonators and tribute artists.

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